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Reducing the viscosity of the sludge to increase its dehydratability

The needs of sewage treatment plants The water cycle of a purification plant (i.e. all the activities that are carried out for the collection and treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater) is defined as closed when "the resource taken from the source is returned to nature duly purified". For this reason, the final destination [...]

Test with the mobile unit on a municipal wastewater treatment plant

Tests carried out Sludge in recirculation on the oxidation tank, after dynamic thickener and in recirculation on the mesophilic and thermophilic digester. Goal Maximize the yield of the oxidation and digestion processes, increase dehydration and reduce the volume of sludge to be disposed of. Results COD 30 times greater on the cavitated sample taken on [...]

How wastewater treatment plants work with SewaTOR

The current state of waste water treatment in the EU Sewage treatment is facing challenges such as climate change, low resource efficiency and poor environmental and human protection. More than 30 million people are not connected to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the EU yet. EU water body quality is still low ecologically and chemically [...]

Test on Acea purification plant

Improve the biological efficiency of the mud with SewaTOR The SewaTOR technology also lands in the treatment plants to break up the sludge and increase the efficiency of biological processes and optimize disposal costs . On February 12, our technicians of the mobile unit performed a test at the wastewater treatment plant in East Rome [...]