waste water pretreatment technology

Innovative patented controlled cavitation technology for the pretreatment of Waste Water Treatment Plants


SewaTOR® is a brand of Soldo Cavitators a division of THREE ES SRL, a specialized leader in development, production and marketing of new, innovative and value-added technologies.
For over 20 years THREE ES has developed an international innovative patent for the control of the physical phenomenon of cavitation.
SewaTOR® is the specialized technology that applies controlled cavitation for waste water’s pretreatment: plants simplification, times process optimization and reduction in management costs.

THREE ES was founded in 2000 by Soldo Marco, as well as inventor of controlled cavitation. This principle has been included in an international innovative patent. The first cavitation experiments date back to 1995 and were developed on piston pumps where the inventor started working and where the phenomenon was destructive. Soldo, in solving these problems, had the intuition of the importance of controlling the cavitation to use it in something unique, useful and for everyone.

team three es
Il Team
The team that develops SewaTOR® technology is part of the mixing division. It includes: design engineer, technical and process director, technicians for specialized assistance, social marketing & communication figures, administration order, purchasing department and account manager. The management figures are those of THREE ES. They are divided into CEO, Technical & Commercial Manager, Program & Financial Manager, Human Research Manager. There is also the R&D center, our excellence, where all products and processes are developed.